About Liquid Peace

Since 2006, the Liquid Peace objective is to deliver high quality gear at reasonable prices to fellow consumers. We only add products to our distribution network when they are high quality, functional, durable and reasonably priced. Our priority is to pass on the savings and quality to you. We believe we have priced Liquid Peace premium gear at a mutually beneficial price and is the best value you will find.

We believe action, “what you do”, defines your life, not fashion, “what you wear”! We don’t hire models to depict our gear, we take photos of people who actually wear our gear. We will not attempt to persuade you to purchase gear from us via a famous spokesperson; this only adds cost to the price of goods sold. We make no promises that our gear will give you super human powers, make you more sexually appealing or bring you endless prosperity and happiness. We leave the hype and pretense to the rest of the marketing world. We do promise that if you use our gear to exercise and eat good foods in moderation your quality of life will increase! We encourage you to define your own “cool” and design your life with your personal compass. 1 life; lead, don’t follow!

If you decide you are not satisfied with your purchase, please, return the gear as received for a full refund less actual cost of shipping. Our shipping and handling fees are the lowest in the industry!

We not only offer the gear for sale, we wear it every day. We test the gear in the surf and on land to make sure the gear is functional and comfortable. The Liquid Peace gear we offer is intended to last a long time. When your Liquid Peace gear has served its purpose and you can not find a place that recycles, please, return the Liquid Peace gear back to us and we will have it recycled.

We have selected PayPal & Amazon as our payment gateways and we never ask you to sign in to our site. PayPal & Amazon is free, safe and extremely secure. Your security is paramount to us; you purchase on PayPal & Amazon secured platform mediums.

The Bottom Line: Why buy from Liquid Peace?

~ We, actually, offer the lowest price high quality Wetsuit Jackets, Wetsuit Vests, Wetsuit Pants & Shorts & Rash Guards
~ We ship very fast, same day or next day, USPS Priority Mail on all orders over $30 and free exchange
~ Amazon & PayPal payment mediums; secure, safe & superior protection for you and us
~ We don’t hide the cost of shipping in goods sold; we charge a low, fair price for shipping & handling

We offer the best value on wetsuit jackets, wetsuit vests, wetsuit shorts, wetsuit pants, thermal rash guard wear & rash guards on the web!

We hope you like Liquid Peace gear; we thank you for stopping by to check out Liquid Peace and supporting small business.

Whatever Liquid you find your Peace, we wish you Liquid Peace. Use code LP10 for an extra 10% off for reading our about page.

Best Regards,

Liquid Peace