Men’s Rash Guards

Men’s Rash Guards

Men’s Rash Guards in both standard lycra and poly fleece or thermal lycra.

Rash guard is a type of athletic shirt made of spandex and nylon or polyester. Rash guards are typically used to protect against rash and sun. Standard lycra rash guards provide protection versus the sun, jellyfish stings and rash but actually keep the body cooler in warmer temperatures. Poly Fleece or Thermal rash guards provide a layer of warmth in cooler temperatures. Rash guard benefits are endless including all water sports, under athletic gear and MMA.

Important components of a rash guard include flatlock stitching, and six panel construction. Flatlock stitching creates a seam where the seam lies flat to the garment instead of hanging loose from it. Flatlock stitching increases the strength of the garment for intense exercise or recreational activities. Six panel construction increase mobility, wet or dry.

The combination of products used to construct a rash guard differ slightly depending on the designer. The use of nylon and spandex create a garment that is lightweight, quick drying, flexible, durable, naturally antibacterial and water wicking.

orange, long sleeve, rash guard
Long Sleeve Rash Guard in Bright Orange with Liquid Peace Letters-Don’t get lost in the crowd. $18.00, Sale
Men's Black & Blue, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard
Men’s Black and Blue, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard-Liquid Peace Letters,  Supreme Protection. $18.00, Sale











Men's Electric Blue, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard with Liquid Peace Letters.
Men’s Electric Blue, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard with LP Letters. $18.00, Sale
Men's Black, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard-No logo
Men’s Black, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard-No Logo. $22.00









Men's Black, Short Sleeve, Rash Guard-Loose-Fit
Men’s Loose-Fit, Short Sleeve, Rash Guard in Black with LP Letters. $14.00, Sale


Thermal Rash Guards

Men's Black, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard-No logo
Men’s Black, Thermal, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard-No Logo. $25.00, Sale
Men's Thermal, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard Hoodie
Men’s, Thermal, Long Sleeve, Full Zipper, Rash Guard Hoodie-Multi-Purpose for Land or Liquid. $35.00












Men's Thermal Rash Guard Shorts
Thermal, Poly Fleece Lycra, Rash Guard/Compression Shorts for water or land. $15.00, Sale
Thermal Beanie Cap
Thermal, Poly Fleece, Beanie Cap-Helps keep head insulated by trapping the heat that escapes through the top of the head. $7, Sale











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