6mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve-Open Patella


The 6mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve with SuperStretch tech neoprene and open patella provide stability & warmth to the knee, thereby, increasing confidence & coordination in the activities you love to do most.



6mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve-Open Patella

6mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve-Open Patella with SuperStretch tech neoprene and open patella will help you enjoy the activities you love to do with confidence.

~6mm SuperStretch Premium Neoprene
~90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon
~Provides compression and warmth to the knee, therefore, increasing recovery time
~Helps Maintain Stability while increasing confidence
~4-Way Stretch Provides even compression
~Open Patella helps maintain position over the knee
~Patellar opening provides additional stabilization around the knee cap
~Easy to pull on and off, while maintaing durability
~Enhances rehabilitation by reducing pressure and pain to ailing knee
~Helps Support weak, tired, stiff, strained or over-used knee

Stability & warmth creates a mental and physical feeling of safety. Compression helps prevent injuries and increases your muscle memory of how to move more efficiently. Warmth and compression helps prevent your joints and soft tissues from injury and increases recovery time.  Additionally, these attributes improve your performance capability. Best quality knee sleeve on the market! Compares with Rehband which sells for $38!

The 6mm knee sleeve  support will ergonomically help your body movement correctly without limiting muscle development around your knee. Compression has been proven to increase recovery time, yet, decrease the incidence of injury.

Size Chart for Knee Sleeves

SizeTop of SleeveBottom of SleeveMiddle of Sleeve
Small7 3/85 7/86 5/8
Medium7 7/86 1/87 1/4
Large8 3/86 1/47 3/4

Rinse thoroughly after each use with fresh water and wash with a mild non-toxic shampoo or detergent weekly to help increase the longevity, air dry flat.

Metric conversion: 1 inch = 2.54cm, 1 pound = .45kg


The 6mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve-Open Patella should be very snug for best performance.


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Very similar to Rehband knee sleeve at a 1/3rd the price. Very happy purchase! – Jeffrey

I was shocked by the high quality and elated by the price and impressed by the extremely fast shipping. -Daniel

Unequivocally the best knee sleeve sold anywhere for the price. -Cal

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Knee Sleeve-Open Patella

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