McNett Sea Drops Anti-fog Drops


McNett Sea Drops Anti-fog Drops


McNett Sea Drops Anti-fog Drops

McNett Sea Drops Anti-fog Drops defogs all scuba masks, dive masks and cleans lenses.

When you’re snorkeling or diving, the last thing you want is a foggy dive mask. A quick application of Sea Drops™ anti-fog drops by M Essentials™ cleans lenses and gets rid of fog, giving you a crystal clear view of the underwater world.

Easy to use in the field and safe for silicone and rubber frames, Sea Drops is concentrated, long-lasting and non-abrasive. Just squeeze, rub, rinse and wear.

Toss a bottle of Sea Drops anti-fog in your dive kit—and see what you’ve been missing.

Long lasting scuba mask anti fog drops

Quick, easy, in-field application
Non-abrasive, safe for all glass and plastic dive mask lenses
Performs well in extremely cold water
Not recommended for swim goggles
Non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol-free
Will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames
Also great for eye glasses, face masks, binoculars and telescopes
Made in USA

McNett Sea Drops Anti-fog Drops For Clear Vision Underwater

Refer to these 7 handy tips when applying, Sea Drops™ anti-fog:

Only apply an anti-fog to a clean lens. New dive masks typically contain residues from the manufacturing process. It is important that you remove any residues.
Apply an anti-fog to the inside lens.
When dealing with greater temperature gradients, it may also be a good idea to treat the outside lens, but this is typically not necessary unless there’s a big temperature difference bewteen the air and water.
Do not allow our anti-fog to dry before risning or buffing.
Rinse dive masks after each dive with fresh water and dry before storage to avoid mold and algae build-up.
Sea Drops is safe to use on prescription lenses.

For dive masks we recommend concentrated McNett Sea Drops Anti-Fog Drops at the lowest price on the web-Liquid Peace.


I have been diving for over 6 years now and i’ve been using Sea Drops from the start. Many people will tell you spit, or baby shampoo is just as good and cheaper, but you get what you pay for. While the others “MAY” work, Sea Drops do work all the time. i use 3 drops per lens and apply it when prepping the equipment for a dive. When you get to the water rinse the lenses and the mask will stay clear the whole dive. I would recommend the drops over the gel as the drops will last you longer and the gel is generally more expensive. I love this product and highly recommend it. -Tim

I used this product on my new dive mask. It never fogged once. I would highly recommend this product. -Denise

Excellent product which delivers on its promises. Used as directed, I had very clean lenses with no fogging or eye irritation. Solution is quite concentrated, so a little goes a long way. I don’t leave home (to go snorkeling) without it, just in case I run out of my very weak baby shampoo and water mixture, which also does quite a good job of preventing fogging of my mask. And if I need to clean the outside of my mask’s lenses, I’ve got this to take care of that. -Brian